Website Update

We have redesigned our website to showcase some exciting new features. We hope you like the updated look!

Home Page

Return to the GIS home page at any time by clicking the Geographic Information Systems banner near the top of the page. We have moved our key information right to the homepage so you can quickly learn more about us, find our office, or contact us. News stories pertaining to our department or GIS in general will appear periodically in the list on the right side of the page.


Click on the Apps button to view our application gallery. You can browse all of our popular mapping applications including GIS Web. Simply click on an app to launch it in a new browser tab. To get a brief description of the app's functionality, hover over an app's thumbnail image. For more detailed information, click on the (i) icon next to the app's title.


You can click on the Maps button to view our PDF map gallery. You can find official maps of Santa Cruz County here, viewable directly from your browser or available to download and print. Search for maps using the search bar, or click on a tag from the list on the left to filter the map gallery.


Click on the data button to browse our geospatial open data portal. You can view and download data in a variety of open formats. Use the search button to find data by keywords, or choose from one of the thematic categories.


Contact Austin Robey at 831-454-3126